GlassesPeople is the USA family business located in New York, USA. Our main objective is to make prescription glasses more affordable to everyone.

We do not sell designer frames where you have to pay hundreds of dollars simply for the label. However, all of our frames are competitive with those designer frames on quality. We try to keep the operating costs as low as possible to turn them into your savings without affecting the products performance.

We are very open-minded and we welcome your suggestions and comments. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on our products or service and it will help us to serve you and others better in future.

GlassesPeople is an online optical store specialising in cheap prescription glasses, spectacles and frames of impeccable quality. When you buy cheap glasses at GlassesPeople you are assured of a lower price combined with the quality standards you really deserve. As an American Glasses Retailer, we take considerable pride in being able to provide our clients with high quality optical glasses and frames of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices, so you can simply Enjoy :)

Unlike our competitors we prioritise quality and performance in our prescription and reading glasses over branding. Our glasses frames and eyeglasses may not have leading labels but the style and quality of our eyeglasses speak for themselves – our glasses match and often exceed the durability and performance of any of the top labels. When you buy prescription or everyday glasses online with GlassesPeople you’ll always look good and feel good for less!

Follow this easy steps to order your new glasses:
1.Get your current prescription (it’s FREE)
2.Choose GLASSES ONLINE from our store
3.Fill in a simple form to let us know your prescription
4.Pay for your order using credit card or PayPal
5.Your new glasses will arrive via Air Express

At GlassesPeople we pride ourselves on being the online glasses store with the best range and lowest prices on eyeglasses and fashion glasses frames (including cheap reading glasses, bifocals and progressive lenses). Our modern and sophisticated fashion glasses make shopping for and wearing eyeglasses a pleasure! Whether you are after a classic pair of eyeglasses or a modern pair of funky fashion glasses, we work hard to provide our valued customers with the highest quality optical solutions and frames at the best prices – try us today to experience the difference!

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