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Wide selection of aviator glasses fit for men & women at unbeatable prices. Shop from our variety of colors and styles of aviator eyeglass frames today!


Aaron Glasses
Aaron Glasses

A wide selection of aviator frames are available today - at Glasses People! Like wayfarer glasses, aviator glasses are all the rage these days, and they're perfectly suited for both men and women. Originally designed to protect airplane pilots from the damaging effects of UV-rays and the blinding glare of the high-altitude sun, aviators have become somewhat of a fashion accessory over the past few years. No longer relegated strictly to the cockpit, aviator eyeglass frames combine serious utility with striking good looks.

Choose from among dozens of styles - including stainless steel glasses, plastic aviator frames, alloy metal designs, and more! You'll be amazed at the selection that is available today, and our prices will allow you to purchase several pairs. Imagine the convenience of being able to keep a pair of aviators in the car, at home, and at the office. You'll never be caught unprepared - and you'll always have the reliable and stylish sun protection you need.

At Glasses People, we're committed to offering eyeglass frames of all types at prices that are accessible to nearly anyone. Don't waste your money at a retail storefront that is charging one hundred times more than the materials cost of the glasses. At Glasses People, we have aviators starting at under seven dollars! For the best in high quality aviator glasses, at prices that can't be beat - it's Glasses People!