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Classic Eyeglass Frames

Classic eyeglass frames never go out of style. That's why they're called… classic! At Glasses People we maintain an assortment of classically proportioned eyeglass frames that always look great, and never fail to impress. These frames pair well with nearly any facial profile, and are built to look good and last a lifetime. Classic frames include full rim glasses, half rim designs, avant garde color options, wire frames, and trendy tortoise shell styles. These classic eyeglasses stand out, and deliver the statement that you actively integrate your glasses into your overall look.

At Glasses People , we believe that classic frames shouldn't cost a fortune, and that charging one hundred times the cost of the glasses isn't a recipe for retail success. This is why we sell directly to you - via our online optics store. With no brick and mortar location, we are able to pass the savings on to you. In fact, many of our classic frames are available today for less than $10! Some for less than $29! With Glasses People , you'll be able to purchase several pairs of classic eyeglasses for less than the cost of one eyeglass frame from one of those "mall" optics stores. Glasses People is your solution for low-cost eyeglasses that deliver durability and great looks.