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Consumer Guide to Kids Prescription Sunglasses

Kids prescription sunglasses offer protection against the UV ray for kids that spend a lot of time outdoor. The sunglass has a layer of UV coating that can completely block the harmful ray from the sun. According to the research, the human eyes are exposed to the sun 80% of the time. Excessive exposure to the UV ray will cause your kids to develop eye problems such as cataract. Besides the UV ray, the children are also exposed to the high energy visible ray. The high energy visible ray can cause macular degeneration after a long period of time. Children are younger than adult so they are more vulnerable to the harmful side effects incurred by the UV and HEV light rays. Thus, it is important for children to wear sunglasses while they are engaged in vigorous activities outside.

What you need to know while buying Kids Eyeglasses

Kids might develop poor vision due to variety of reasons such as TV, computer, injury or natural causes. In such a case, you may need to get their eyesight checked and buy eyeglasses for them. Buying eyeglasses for them is very important as poor eyesight can hamper their performance at school. When you are going to buy kids eyeglasses, there might be a number of points that you would need to consider. These points include kids’ vision, the design of their choice and your budget.