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Mens Eyeglasses: Find the Largest Collection of Fashion Mens Eyeglasses Online. Glassespeople.com delivers mens glasses online.

Mens Eyeglasses

Shopping for mens eyeglasses at GlassesPeople.com couldn't be easier. While we have an extensive selection of mens prescription eyeglasses, including styles for office or for more active lifestyles, our state-of-the-art e-commerce website makes it simple to select the perfect pair of men's glasses with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Although you'll see a savings of 75% or more over your local retail optical store, you won't see a difference in quality. All of our men's prescription glasses are custom made with the same high-quality material that you would find in the finest doctors and optical offices.

The first step in choosing the perfect pair of men's eye glasses is to select the frame. If you're looking for the minimalist look, consider our half-rim or totally rimless styles, which are less fragile than they look. Our plastic or bendable flex-titanium frames are perfect for the active man. In fact, our sturdy, yet lightweight, bendable titanium frames can be bent into a pretzel-like shape, only to spring back to their original shape in seconds. Then again, the full-metal frame mens glasses offer a classic, timeless look that seems to never go out of style. All of our full-metal frames come with fully adjustable nose pads and triple-lacquer coating.

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Next, you want to decide on your preferred frame shape for your mens prescription glasses. Styles can be conservative or modern (or in-between). The aviator shape is very popular, especially in our men's prescription sunglasses. Other shapes you can choose from include rectangle, round, oval, unique and even cat eye. Along with the frame shape, you'll want to select from our wide frame color options.

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Lastly, it's time to decide on any additional lens type that you desire on your men's glasses. For instance, you can add bifocals, progressive "no-line" bifocals, photochromic lenses or some combination of these on any order of GlassesPeople.com men's prescription eye glasses. All men's prescription eyeglasses come with 100% UV protection and anti-scratch coating.

Trends In Mens Eyeglasses

When discussing trends in men’s eyeglasses, it must be noted that for a long time, men had very few choices when it came to choosing the best prescription glasses. However, all that has changed and so now it is possible to pick from items other than the big and bulky eyeglasses made from plastic or metal. Men’s eyeglasses are now available in numerous styles and there are many fashionable as well as functional items to choose from.

Right Source To Buy Men Eyeglasses

Before buying eyeglasses for men some of the crucial factors must be considered. Is it prescription eyeglasses that you are looking for? If yes, then you must make the right choice and buy it from the right source for various reasons. Another imperative factor that influences what type of glass to be purchased is the time period that a person has to wear the glasses. If a glass has to be worn whole day long then it is significant that you consider hoe comfortable the frame would be to you. The third noteworthy factor to be considered is the price of the frame and the glasses that you buy. These are the three factors that influence the sources of buying your eye glasses.

Eyeglass Frames for Men

When men go out to buy eyeglasses they normally pay most attention to things like fit, comfort and durability. Of course, they also want to buy frames that are stylish but the most important concern for them is fit and comfort. Men seldom sacrifice comfort and fit just to look good. In this, the buying habits of men are a lot different than women who are most concerned with looking good. Before choosing a pair, every man needs to address a few important concerns. They must do everything in their power to choose a pair that fits their face well and it should also be comfortable to wear.

Before buying eyeglass frames for men it is important to ensure that the temples are not so snug that they end up pinching the wearer on the side of their heads. Ideally, the temples need to be wide and they should be of the same width as the face. So, when choosing a pair, makes sure that you pick frames that protrude slightly over the face as this ensures that the temples will not end up putting pressure on the head. It is also a good idea to choose frames whose temples are sufficiently long. There are several different frame lengths available. So, before choosing a frame you need to make sure that the temples are not too short. When in doubt about what is right for you, you should ask an optician whether they have items with sufficiently long temples. You can also ensure comfort by checking that the curve at the edge of the temple is extending over the ears without pressing on the ears.

Men who are looking for a suitable frame will do well to ensure that the nosepiece is comfortable and it should also fit well on the bridge of the nose. It pays to go with items, which have nose pads that are made from soft silicone as these lend themselves well for adjustment and customization. If you come across a pair that has nose pads that cannot be adjusted then you have to make sure that the frames offer a secure fit and the notepads should not pinch the bridge of the nose.

When trying on men’s eyeglasses, it makes sense to wear the item and then one should move the head up and down. You should also wear the item and then you should bend over to see whether the frames stay in place or not. If they slip then you will need to look for a pair that stays in place when you move your head up or down and also when you bend over to pick something up. It makes sense to have the nose pads adjusted properly to ensure that the frame stays in place even if you move your head.

Durability is another main concern for men who want to buy the perfect pair of eyeglasses. If you are concerned about the durability of your frame you should narrow your search for frames to those that are made from titanium or stainless steel or even from memory metal. The first two materials (titanium and stainless steel) are very strong and they offer additional durability. These two materials are better than frames that are made from metal and they are also better than memory metal frames. However, memory metal frames offer an additional benefit in that they can be bent and twisted without breaking. in fact, memory metal frames will revert back to their original shape after being bent and twisted.

Fashion is also an important concern for men who want to buy a perfect pair of eyeglasses. Over the recent past, men’s eyeglasses are becoming more stylish and even the classically shaped frames are being given a new twist. Aviator glasses are very masculine and hence a popular option among most men. Even double-brow glasses have become very popular and they are now being offered to customers in fresh and new colors as well as new materials. They are also being offered in small sizes. If you want to buy large and bold eyeglasses then you have many options to choose from. However, it only pays to choose large glasses if your body is also large. Small frames are popular and they are of course perfect for people whose faces are small.

Men also like to wear rimless glasses. Some prefer semi-rimless glasses. Both these types are very popular and are perfect for any man who wishes to sport a minimalist look. When choosing rimless glasses makes sure that you fit them with lenses, which have anti-reflective coating. Such glasses look very unobtrusive and are perfect for men who want to look modern.

Titanium men’s glasses are another popular option. These glasses offer greater functionality and they are also very fashionable. Finally, men who wan to look young, hip and even retro will do well to choose plastic frames. These are light in weight and also very comfortable and they are available in a multitude of styles and colors.