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Prescription Sunglasses and The Harmful Rays of the Sun

Those who have eyesight problems need to wear glasses for reading still need to use sunglasses while going out on a sunny day. All of us know that wearing ordinary glasses are not enough to protect a person from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So as a result a number of brands of prescription sunglasses have been introduced for those people who have an eyesight problem and are keen to go outdoors on a bright sunny day.

Different types of harmful rays are emitted from the sun. These include visible, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet rays (UV). Amongst these the UV rays are most harmful to eye. Repeated exposure to sunlight can damage the different parts of the eye like cornea, lens and retina. Different diseases caused by exposure to sun light include cataracts, macular degeneration etc. We are blessed with only one set of eyes so we have to take much care of it.

Now anyone can have an idea about the destructive nature of the sunlight. So people will prefer prescription sunglasses that are capable of blocking these rays effectively.

These are purchased depending upon the power of the lens as described by the doctor because it may be of magnifying or diminishing type as determined by the needs of the user.

The prescription glasses protect the user from UV radiations of the sun. A special polarized lens can also be used to protect the eye. It helps in situations like glare from reflective surfaces. There is a kind of glasses available nowadays called as the photo chromatic sunglasses having ability to darken in the sun and light up in the dark.

These are also used by the people who have eye disorders but want to be more fashionable. So they do not use common spectacles. Now these are also available in the wraparound style which increases its fashionable approach. There are also available devices called adapters. These are actually the lenses which are designed to make a bridge on the sun glasses consequently transforming them into sunglasses. And of course there are prescription sunglasses whose lenses are made according to the user’s specifications.

There are many types of it which are made according to your taste. It includes “fit overs” which are preferred by the people who consider clip-ons. These are basically separate sun glasses which are made to fit over the existing glasses. Hence it gets converted to sunglasses.

These are now manufactured by many of the renowned companies like Oakley, Luis Vuitton, BeBe and Revo. You can select colour and size of your own choice and feel confident with your new prescription glasses.
You can also buy prescription sunglasses online. There are a lot of sites available which provide their consumers this offer. www.glassespeople.com is one of those links. It is one of the emerging online optical stores. It is selling high quality eyewear.