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Rimless glasses are glasses that obviously do not have any frames. These glasses are very minimalist and they are also almost invisible to the naked eye. They have lenses that will be attached by a nose bridge which in turn is fixed to the inside part of both lenses with the help of very small screws. The hinges on the other hand are also attached to the lenses on their outside edges and these hinges offer support to the arms of the glasses. In most cases, most rimless glasses make use of plastic lenses.

Before opting for rimless glasses one must taken into account the shape of your face. If you wish to flatter your face then you should opt for plastic frames. Be careful about choosing the wrong frame as it could easily make you look awkward. People choose rimless glasses because they are worried that the traditional style fames will distract from their good looks and will become too prominent on their faces. Framed glasses can break up the brow line and cheekbones.

When choosing glasses it makes sense to pick a pair that helps to make a style statement. Whether you want to look modern, professional or casual there are several options available to you. The downside to choosing traditional frames is that they go out of fashion within a year and hence will need to be replaced periodically.

Rimless glasses on the other hand are very clean and unobtrusive. They offer a better solution than traditional plastic eyeglasses. They are almost invisible and will look nice even if you choose the wrong kind of lenses. What’s more, they look nice on almost anyone and are not boxed into a single fashion statement, which is the case with most other types of glass frames. Rimless glasses look nice in every kind of setting including on the beach and in the boardroom. The nice thing about choosing them is that you will not have to buy more than one pair to suit different occasions. The best part is that they remain in style forever and will allow you to look good at all times.

Rimless glasses also cost less than framed glasses. Their price varies and depends on the design of the hinges and the material used to make the bridge and arms. There are many options available including bendable glasses and non-destructible titanium glasses that do not even need hinges. The other reason why it pays to buy glasses with no rims is that you can easily put on the glasses and take them off. You can also opt for the traditional style hinged rimless glasses in which the hinges can be folded and there are also variants in which you can spring load the hinges.

Before shopping for glasses with no rims there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. The first important consideration is the shape of the lens. In most cases, the shape will be either round or rectangular. It is also possible to buy these glasses at an online store. If you choose to buy them online then you can take advantage of the guidelines being offered by online sellers to help you choose the right item. The guidelines will help you understand what shape is right for your facial structure and they will also help you buy the right lens for your particular kind of face. Before buying these glasses, makes sure that you measure the width of the nose bridge and you should also be sure about what arm length is right for your face. Using these guidelines, you will be able to sort through different options according to the size of the lenses and the right length of the bridge and arms.

People with an extreme nearsightedness problem will need to buy lenses that are thicker at the outer edges but thinner in the middle. While framed glasses help to conceal the thickness at the outer edges, rimless glasses are not able to do so. So, in order to make the edges less prominent you will need to have the edges polished. Some retailers will do this free of cost while others might charge a small amount. When choosing lenses, why not opt for the extremely thin high index variety? These cost a little more but are well worth having as they have very thin edges and if the index is high then there is less distortion. High index lenses can also be used to correct farsightedness.

The bottom line is that rimless glasses are an excellent option for those who want to wear glasses that are extremely unobtrusive. These glasses are also able to make the wearer look very modern and they are also very light in weight and hence can be worn for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort. They are also very versatile and are most affordable as well. Once you try them, you may not want to buy traditional glasses again.

What you should know before you buy rimless glasses online

Few years back, glasses were anything but fashionable. These used to be made of heavy frames and large lenses. After passage of time, many changes were introduced in them and present day glasses are both useful and fashionable. In the modern era, rimless glasses have revolutionized the way in which we wear glasses and anyone who wishes to buy glasses online, gives such glasses maximum consideration.

Advantages of rimless prescription glasses

Introduction: Prescription glasses are available in a number of stylish options. You can choose a design which fits your personality and style. You can even go for rimless prescription glasses whice are same as any other prescription glasses but sans any frame. In such glasses lenses are connected with the help of a bridge and connected to the legs on opposite ends. Rimless prescription glasses provide a number of advantages over other forms of glasses, some of which are discussed below.

Buy Rimless Glasses Online

The days are gone when wearing the glasses was thought out of fashion. Now the prescription glasses are not only becoming popular among the people of all ages, but they are also a fashion statement in many circles of the modern society. This means that the people do not have to worry about wearing them anymore. They will simply have to find rimless glasses which will definitely give their personality a much needed boost. It will also give them the confidence to walk in the public and to attend any party without having to come without the glasses.