Understanding the working of bifocal eyeglasses

Understanding the working of bifocal eyeglasses can and does make it easier for you to pick the right pair of bifocals. Bifocals as you may or may not know, facilitate vision correction among those who suffer from nearsightedness and farsightedness. If you require both prescriptions, you are said to be suffering from presbyopia.

Correct your vision

Bifocal eyeglasses correct your vision. If you suffer from bifocal vision you will need two prescriptions with one being for seeing clearly at distances and the other to help you see clearly at an intermediate distance.

Two prescriptions in one lens

Traditional bifocal lenses have a pair of prescriptions incorporated into them. One prescription is for distance vision while the other one is for reading at close quarters. The distance prescription will normally be spread throughout the lens while another ADD power will be placed at a segment that lies at the bottom portion of the lens and it helps the wearer to see things at a close distance.

Double-segmented bifocals

There are also double segment bifocal eyeglasses. These have near (reading portion) which is located at the bottom of the lens as well as the top of the lens. Double segment bifocal eyeglasses are used by people who are working in the construction business and who need to see close up while they are either looking down or up.

Blended segment bifocals

There are also blended segment bifocal eyeglasses. These eyeglasses do not have lines and are normally used for cosmetic purposes. There are also progressive addition bifocals which do not have lines in them to separate the two different prescriptions. However, progressive bifocals are not suitable for everyone and even those who can wear them will need a few weeks to get used to them because of the different sections in the lens.

Both bifocals and progressive eyeglasses involve a spell in which the wearer needs to get used to the eyeglasses. Bifocals are characterized by two different lens powers in one single lens. Normally, the upper portion of the lens is used to correct distance vision problems while the lower portion is used to correct near vision problems.

To ensure that you get to make the most of your prescription lenses you should get exact and precise prescription from a glass vendor or pharmacy that is certified and eligible. Be sure to try on the bifocals for a certain period of time to ensure that are able to get used to the jump in vision.

If you find that there are some maladjustment that are persisting, then you should consult an optometrist who will provide information to help you understand how to use the bifocals in the best manner possible.