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Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are often a necessity for anyone who wears glasses, and they can be used year round. From the blinding summer sun to the glaring winter snow, sunglasses make your outdoor adventures much more comfortable, as well as protect your eyes from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Some eyeglass wearers tend to shy away from purchasing prescription sunglasses, though, due to the high cost of the sunglass frames and lenses. At GlassesPeople.com, we believe that all eyeglasses – including prescription sunglasses and prescription sports glasses – should be as affordable as possible. In fact, our company was founded on the idea that sunglasses and prescription frames shouldn't retail for one hundred times their cost.

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Whether you’re basking in the sun at the beach or strolling down the street on a warm day, eye protection is important. That’s why we offer stylish prescription sunglasses at the lowest prices around.
The lenses on every pair of our sunglasses can be tinted with a range of eye-catching hues, from classic gray to bold blue. With so many looks to choose from and so many customizable colors, you’ll find a pair of rx sunglasses that is catered specifically for your individual style.

Choose from Dozens of Different rx Sunglasses Designs

Our quality sunglasses are available with or without a prescription and come in a variety of plastic, metal, rimless, semi-rimless, and bendable titanium styles. Every pair of our prescription sunglasses has lenses that protect your eyes from sun damage. Each lens is carefully treated with a strong UV protective coating that keeps your eyes safe from harm. Best of all, our high quality sunglasses start at just $39.95.
Shopping for prescription sunglasses online is easy and stress free with our simple process. Just browse through our huge selection, order your favorite pair of cheap prescription sunglasses, and wait for them to arrive at your door within days. If you’re ever in need of assistance, help is just a phone call away. You can reach our knowledgeable customer service team at 1-866-485-0808. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you with whatever questions or concerns you may have.

What is a Polarized Men’s Prescription Sunglasses

Polarized mens prescription sunglasses are the most popular sunglasses among the consumer. Many people wear polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet ray. It will eliminate the glaring light that is reflected from the water onto the surface of your screen.

When you are driving on the road, the light will reflect from the road. The light will travel in a horizontal direction. When it reflect on your lens, it will be annoying because it block your vision. When you couldn’t see clearly, you will have a higher risk of encountering an accident.

Consumer Guide to Kids Prescription Sunglasses

Kids prescription sunglasses offer protection against the UV ray for kids that spend a lot of time outdoor. The sunglass has a layer of UV coating that can completely block the harmful ray from the sun. According to the research, the human eyes are exposed to the sun 80% of the time. Excessive exposure to the UV ray will cause your kids to develop eye problems such as cataract. Besides the UV ray, the children are also exposed to the high energy visible ray. The high energy visible ray can cause macular degeneration after a long period of time. Children are younger than adult so they are more vulnerable to the harmful side effects incurred by the UV and HEV light rays. Thus, it is important for children to wear sunglasses while they are engaged in vigorous activities outside.

Characteristics of prescription sunglasses

Introduction: There are many reasons behind opting for prescription sunglasses, such as reading, driving or working out in the sun. Moreover, many individuals may need such sunglasses while partying at a beach or enjoying a cruise vacation. In both of these scenarios, a lot of time is spent in the open and sun’s rays can prove to be quite nasty by bothering you with their glare. To protect your eyes, prescription eyeglasses will prove to be your best bet against sun’s glare.

Discount Prescription Sunglasses: How much to spend on them?

There are millions and million of people around the globe that are needed to wear prescription glasses to correct their eye sight. Things get tough for them when summer season is there. They cannot wear normal sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful sun rays because of their prescription glasses. Such people can use prescription sunglasses. This helps to correct the eye vision defect along with helping you protect your eyes from Ultra Violet or UV rays.

Prescription sunglasses and the harmful rays of the sun

Those who have eyesight problems need to wear glasses for reading still need to use sunglasses while going out on a sunny day. All of us know that wearing ordinary glasses are not enough to protect a person from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So as a result a number of brands of prescription sunglasses have been introduced for those people who have an eyesight problem and are keen to go outdoors on a bright sunny day.